Big Battles 101: Getting Started

Epic Battles, informally called by the earlier name Big Battles and shortened to BBs, are a different kind of instance with different skills, different trait trees, different rules, different success criteria, different level progression, and different rewards. That is a lot to figure out, and they can be frustrating. The purpose of this post is […]

Big Battles 102: Helm’s Dike Recipe

There are many recipes for how to succeed at the Helm’s Dike BB. This one I learned from Makii. It may take longer than others, but it has produced platinum results consistently. You can take as much time as you like to set things up for the main quest as well as prepare for all […]

Creating a Storage Alt on a Free Account

Playing LOTRO, you will obtain many useful items. Not all of them are useful immediately. For players who hate to throw away something that might be useful to yourself or others, there are challenges to find the space to store them and subsequently to find the items you have saved. Storage can be expensive. You […]

Storage Tips

When you start playing LOTRO, you will immediately begin accumulating a wide variety of items. If you play for very long, you will find your bags and vault full of things that you may or may not need. I have multiple alts that I play, so I want to pass items to the alts that […]

366 Days of Tools

Originally published May 27, 2016 Last Spring, I looked around for a project I could do to contribute to the LOTRO community. Crafting is a big part of the game and I enjoy it. I have often made crafting tools for players that need them, and I noticed that the Auction House never had many […]

Every Crafter Deserves Superior Tools

Originally published April 15, 2015 Starting with Helm’s Deep Update 12, lower-level crafters have been able to use vocation-specific tools, which replace the separate tools that their three professions use. This saves two inventory slots for the tools you aren’t using at the time, and avoids having to switch tools when you do something using […]

Counting Flowers

[Updated 11/19/2016 3854 nodes] Here are some preliminary results from picking flowers in North Ithilien. Sample sizes are small, especially for less common flowers. Some flowers produce a single kind of extract, either one or two each:  Extract Crimson Umber Verdant Produces 1 Southron’s Crown Dwarfsbeard Elfspear Produces 2 Vetchling Horsetail Oxlip The two-extract flowers […]