Fushaum Bal Strategy

In Talath Urui, there is a pair of Easterling camps called Fushaum Bal. These two groups (North and South) have separate and opposing reputation factions, similar to the Ale Association and Inn League during festivals.

Do not attack any mobs in the camps or complete any quests until you know what you need to do.

When you start (you will need to defeat a mob for it to show up) your reputation is at the boundary of Enemy and Outsider, -10000 below Neutral. The overall goal is to get to Neutral with both factions, but not necessarily at the same time.

If you are not using a reputation accelerator, when you complete a quest for the North, you will gain 1200 reputation with it, but lose the same 1200 reputation with the South.  The quests are repeatable with short cooldowns. When you defeat a North-friendly mob, you gain 8 with the South and lose 8 with the North.

If you use a reputation accelerator, you gain twice as much, 2400 per quest, but still lose only 1200 with the other faction. Similarly, a mob defeat will give you 16 with the opposing faction, but lose only 8 with the mob’s faction.

You need a strategy for accomplishing the goal. Assuming you aren’t using rep accelerators, if you do a quest for the North and one for the South, you’re back where you were, no closer to the goal. One way is to do all the quests favouring one faction until you get to Neutral (-10000 to 0), which will put you at the bottom of Enemy with the other (-10000 to -20000). Getting to Neutral with one faction advances the quest so at that point you only need to get to Neutral with the other. You’ll need to do twice as many quests for that faction to get from the bottom of Enemy up to Neutral.

If you count only quests, that means you do 9 quests in a row for North, then 17 quests in a row for South, or do South then North.

Each faction has a one-sided quest, a quest that gives you rep for their side without subtracting rep for the other, The Daily Feed (North) and A Small Act of Kindness (South). If you do only these two quests (short cooldowns means you can go back and forth between the two camps doing them), you will need to do only 9 quests for each.

If you use accelerators, you can do 5 ordinary quests for the North, followed by 7 quests for the South. Or you can restrict yourself to one-sided quests and do the North one 5 times and the South one 5 times.

Note: Doing it with only one-sided quests also has the advantage of leaving you Neutral with both factions. When you advance the quest, there is a difficult instance where you have to fight the three bosses at once. If you are defeated, when you try again it doesn’t reset, so you’re immediately attacked by the three bosses again. To reset it, you have to cancel the quest, which could mean a lot of grinding to get to Neutral with the other faction again.  If both are already Neutral, the quest advances immediately [I speak from personal experience! 😀 ] Plan 2 for the instance is to do it in fellowship with a second person, since you are allowed to bring a friend. More details below.

You cannot go below the bottom of Enemy or higher than Neutral. If you use accelerators or do the one-sided quests, you can waste positive rep (since anything over Neutral is discarded), but still get negative rep if you haven’t reached the bottom of Enemy.

The mobs in these camps aggro like landscape fauna. When you move into range, you may get the “threatens to attack” message and see the mobs animate toward you. If you quickly move out of range, they will not attack. Of course, in a mob-dense area, there are not many places you can pause to take a breath. If you want to avoid a fight, you can run off the aggro; if necessary, head out where you came in. The area where the boss NPCs are is also relatively safe, although a ranged mob did continue to attack me (I found a spot where he lost line of sight.) If you do decide to fight, remember other mobs in the area may also be threatening and will join in the attack if you stay in one spot. Keep moving!


The cooldown for the one-sided quests is 2 minutes. Sometimes I immediately went to the other side to do the other quest, sometimes I just refilled my drink and did the same side again.  Not much difference.

I found a standard mount or on foot worked best. There are many things to get snagged on, and with a warsteed you don’t always notice it until you snap back and find someone is attacking you because you were in the same place too long.

Because the mobs threaten and only attack if you stay in one place, you can make a delivery for the quest even in the middle of a bunch of mobs as long as you move away as soon as you’re done.

Quest Sequence

You start with the quest The Shattered Plateau which sends you to scout both camps. (I don’t know if it was necessary, but there is a third objective to scout Dar Mauzur, and I did that first, although I didn’t do the quests that popped up until later.)

There is also the Black Book quest Chapter 3.3 The Gurzyul. Talk to Harthalin outside on the road between the north and south entrances. You will need to defeat a few mobs to advance the quest, so you can do that as you go.

When you enter a camp, the quest The Fushaum Conflict will pop up. That will get the ball rolling. Travel to the spot and do the /listen emote. You will also need to defeat a mob. Do the same in the other area.

The quest then advances to talk to the three bosses, Thang and Malatuk in the South and Khirgi in the North. Whomever you talk to last completes The Fushaum Conflict. He also offers The Fushaum Resolution, which is the wrapper quest to get Neutral rep with each faction.

At this point, implement your strategy:

Strategy 0: Do random quests and kill mobs in both camps until you realize you aren’t making progress. (This was how I started 😀 .)

Strategy 1: Do 9 quests for one side; then do 17 for the other.

Strategy 1A: Use rep accelerators (15000 rep). Do 5 quests for one side; then do 7 for the other.

Strategy 2: Alternate doing The Daily Feed (North) and A Small Act of Kindness (South) 9 times each.

Strategy 2A: Use rep accelerators (12000 rep). Alternate those quests 5 times each.

Of course, you can do the one-sided quests while doing 1 or 1A to reduce the number of quests you need.

While doing 1 or 1A, check that you don’t accidentally complete a quest for the wrong faction, as that means you need to do two more for the right one. If the mobs all have quest rings, it’s worth attacking one and accepting the quest to make it easier to see the quest rings that matter, even if you don’t plan to complete that quest.

When you achieve Neutral with whichever faction you do second, return to one of the bosses and the quest will advance to an instance. The instance is difficult, starting with a few trash mobs, but ending with all three 153k bosses attacking at once.

The Fushaum Resolution Instance

When you enter the instance, check out the area. You are on the bridge between the two camps. If you scout around, you will see you can go off the bridge to one side and there is a large rock suitable for kiting mobs around.

When you are ready, return to the NPCs and advance the quest. After some drama, you will be attacked first by a couple mobs from each side. If you stand off the bridge, you can pause and recover between waves, triggering the next when you move onto the bridge. The final wave has the three bosses at once. Have a plan (and a friend if you like) to deal with them. As a hunter, I trapped one and feared another while I took out the third, then kited around the rock when the other two came to their senses. As of Update 21.3, there is now a Reflecting Pool for Mordor near the Ruins of Dingarth, so a player who has completed the instance can help someone who is doing it.

[Going in unprepared the first time, I just got defeated. Unfortunately, the instance didn’t reset, so when I went in again, the 3 bosses were attacking me before I could do anything. I had to cancel and restart the quest, which wasn’t a problem because I had gotten Neutral with both factions at the same time.  It would have been a real pain if I had done Strategy 1 and had to also get the other faction from the bottom of Enemy back to Neutral to get back to the instance.]

After completing the instance and quest, you will see replacement NPCs for the bosses offering non-repeatable, one-sided versions of the quests they had previously offered. If you need more quests to complete the Talath Urui quest deed, you can come back and do some, but they are not necessary otherwise.

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