Michaleo’s Blog Index

These are some of my blog posts that are current or may still be useful. The dates indicate when they were published on wordpress.com. The content may be older.

3/9/2019Creating a Storage Alt on a Free Account
3/9/2019Storage Tips
3/9/2019365 Days of ToolsProject continues
3/9/2019Every Crafter Deserves Superior ToolsProject continues
3/9/2019Using LotroPlan for Essence GearPictures are old, but it still works the same way
3/9/2019Crafting for Host of the West Reputation and GearStill accurate if you want to do it
3/9/2019Counting FlowersStill accurate if you want to do it
3/8/2019How to Make an Awesome Legendary ItemSomewhat dated, but might be helpful pre-imbuement
3/8/2019The Ale Association and Inn League Delivery QuestsStill a good way to generate festival tokens
3/8/2019 Composting Legendary Items for Relics and Shards  Still important for levels 50-100
3/8/2019 Notes on AllegiancesOverview and tips
3/8/2019Fushaum Bal StrategyRead before you start
3/8/2019Notes on Imbuement Update 23.2Overview and tips
2/21/2019 Getting Started with Crafting Introduction and advice

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